Photography by Dilshara Hill

My passion for nature has led me to photograph birds, landscapes and natural formations. I aim to make people aware of the beauty the natural world around us. More recently I am enjoying photographing community life and capturing moments in time.

Based in the Blue Mountains of NSW I have many opportunities to capture the beauty around me, and also be part of the mountains community in which I live. I love animals and the outdoors – bushwalking, camping and travelling. I have been involved in writing bush walking articles for The Mountains Blueberry. You can view some of these on Bushwalks page of this website.

I also have dabbled in drawing and sketching and have had the privilege of my photos and sketches being used in the book "Enjoying the Journey" by Anusha Atukorala. Some of them are shown below. 

As well as doing photography, I work in the academic field teaching mathematics at university. This is not as contradictory as it sounds as maths and nature and beauty all complement each other. As the prominent mathematician Euclid said "The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God"

I hope my photography will inspire and encourage others.

The following people and businesses have been of great support to me and I would like to acknowledge them here:

Bamboo Box - Katoomba
Anusha Atukorala