Photography by Dilshara Hill

Below is a List of Bushwalks. Click on the link to get the pdf file for the bushwalk which you can print out and take with you.

Please note these articles are written in a conversational style and should not be your only reference when you go on a bushwalk. Always refer to maps and other information before setting off on a bushwalk, and make sure you have enough food and water and are well prepared. Bushwalking can be a dangerous activity and an activity where one could easily get lost. By using these articles you agree that the author is not liable for any harm or loss you may experience on a bushwalk.

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List of Bushwalks
Walk Location Grade Duration(Hours)
Lapstone Zig Zag Lapstone Easy 2
Blue Pool Glenbrook Easy 0.5
Knapsack Park Glenbrook Easy 1
Magdala Gully and Wiggins Track Springwood Moderate - Hard 4
Martin's Lookout Loop Walk Springwood Moderate (with steep sections) 1.5
Birdwood Gully Springwood Easy 1.5
Wilson Glen Woodford Easy 1
Horseshoe Falls Hazelbrook Moderate 1
Burgess+Oakland Falls Hazelbrook Moderate 1.5
Dante's Glen Lawson Easy-Moderate 1
South Lawson Waterfalls Lawson Easy - Moderate 2
Water Nymphs Dell Wentworth Falls Moderate 1.5
Nature Track Wentworth Falls Moderate 2.5
Lyrebirds Dell Leura Moderate 1.5
Minni Ha Ha Falls Katoomba Moderate 1
Porter's Pass Blackheath Hard 2.5
Cox's Cave Mt Victoria Moderate-Hard 1.5